18 Oct

Behind the Scenes: the Competition Selection Process

No matter what time of year it is, it’s not too early to start thinking about next year’s BHoF Weekend! Throughout the year, we get asked all manner of questions about the Weekender, specifically the Saturday night competition and the selection process. Often, these questions come at the height of application season (when things are rather hectic for the BHoF team), so we have published this article to discuss, and provide transparency about, how it all works.

The entire process has evolved over time. This article starts with the history of the process because it shows when and why changes were made. We’ll also discuss:

  • How the applications and competition performances are evaluated
  • What the BHoF “looks for”
  • Things we do to protect integrity and fairness
  • Why the time limit? Why the discouraging of big props? Why two female solo categories?
  • Do acts need to be any particular style to be accepted into the competition?

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14 Mar

Notifications coming this weekend! What’s happening now? Can you log in early to find out?

The Selection Team is almost done with their final selections. We’re expecting that notifications will be sometime this weekend, most likely in the early part of the weekend. (This is being written on Thursday night.)

You do not have to keep trying to log in! You won’t see anything until we announce via email that notifications are ready!

So what is happening right now?

As you know, I coordinate the process but don’t participate in the selection itself. There’s a team of people with an evaluation framework and process. At the beginning of the selection process (right after the applications close), I pull all the application from the database and then package it up to send to them. After they’re done, they return their final selections to me. This includes showcase and competition spots, and also a few alternates.

Once I receive that list, I populate the application database with all the results. At this point, the results still aren’t visible to you. I then double-check every single application to make sure it’s got the correct results. After that, I check them all again, with the help of someone else (so that there’s a second set of eyes.) At that point, I then have someone else help me confirm that the system notifications are working properly.

That entire process of populating the database and checking it takes a few hours. Up to that last point, the results still aren’t visible to anyone who applied. Once I’m confident that the notification system is working correctly and the results hvae been triple-checked for accuracy, then I turn the notifications on, and they all become visible at once. This is why you won’t see anything if you log in early…

At that point, I then send out the email to everyone saying that notifications are available.

tl;dr:  Notifications this weekend; and you don’t have to keep logging in to check because you won’t see anything early!


04 Mar

BHoF Weekend applications: by the numbers

This year, we’ve received more applications than ever– 361 of them!

Of those 361, 81 cities are represented, and from 16 different countries. We’ve seen a lot of representation from some well known burlesque-heavy cities, like New York, Los Angeles, Seattle, San Francisco, London, and Vancouver. But we’re also delighted to see multiple applications from some other cities as well: Toronto; Las Vegas; Tokyo; Philadelphia; Denver; and more. We’re really excited that some of the applications have come from countries we haven’t seen before– we are really hoping this continues as we celebrate the best of burlesque from around the world.

This year, we also had a few other notable things:

  • We announced the Weekender dates in early September… earlier than we ever have before, by far!
  • For the first time ever, we also posted the rules before the online application opened. (And we posted them almost six weeks earlier than we ever have.)
  • The applications opened in early November, earlier than ever before.
  • The applications were open for 11 weeks… longer than ever! (We want to make sure that everyone has enough time to complete theirs!)


04 Mar

Selection process update: we’re in the home stretch! (March 3rd, 2014)

Hi everyone!

The Selection Team is still reviewing applications. There were more this year than ever before– around 360 total. So in order to give every one of them full and fair consideration by multiple sets of eyes, it’s been taking some time.

At this time, the Selection Team is estimating that notifications will be ready toward the later part of next week. That is, around March 14th-15th, although it could be a few days sooner or later. (They know everyone is getting antsy, but they also don’t want to rush just to save time. They want to be absolutely sure that it’s absolutely fair and equal to everyone.)

In the next few days, we’ll be adding new content to this blog relating to how the selection works and other aspects of the application and selection process, so keep an eye here on blog.bhofapplication.com!

18 Feb

Welcome to the BHoF Selection blog!

We’re creating this blog to keep you updated on the happenings throughout the 2014 application season. Keep up with us to find out the latest!